When we were first introduced to the world of electronic cigarettes and vaping, we had a TON of questions! We thought it would be appropriate to compile answers to some of the most common questions surrounding e-cigarettes, e-liquid, liquid nicotine, and the current status of electronic cigarettes in Canada, as well as the general navigation around our website.

We’ll do our best to update this page as questions are presented to us, with the goal of building a fantastic resource for smokers who are looking to be informed, and want to make the switch.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Currently Interac e-Transfer is the exclusive method of payment on We truly believe that it’s the best form of completing transactions online, for various reasons:

1) Dealing directly with your bank ensures that the transaction details are safe, secure, and accurate.

2) Most major Canadian banks only charge $1.50 to send an e-Transfer, making it affordable for everyone.

3) Interac e-Transfer allows for immediate transfer of funds, from your bank account to ours, without the middle man.

4) Interac e-Transfer payments also prevents minors under the age of 18 from making purchases on our website using someone else’s credit card.

All Interac e-Transfers can be sent to, using vapenation as the password. Super easy!

To set up Interac e-Transfer, choose your bank from the list of institutions and you’ll be redirected to the appropriate page on their website.

How do I place an order

Making the switch to electronic cigarettes is easy when shopping on

1) Register for a free account, and fill out your billing and shipping information.

2) Browse our line up of Starter Kits and Canadian E-Liquids, and when you’ve decided on the right style device for you, click Add To Cart.

3) When you’re ready to purchase, click Checkout in the top right.

4) Once you’ve verified your order, click the Checkout button.

5) Select Interac e-Transfer as your method of payment. And read the instructions, which include the email address and password to use for the online transfer.

6) Once payment is received we will email your receipt.

7) Once the order is processed and shipped, we will email you the Tracking Number from Canada Post.

8) That’s about it! If you have any questions or get stuck, just give us a holler.

Do you offer pick up/drop off service in the Greater Toronto Area?

Currently we do not offer local order pick up, but in the very new future we will have a physical location for pick ups in Downtown Toronto.

What are the cost difference/savings when switching to Electronic Cigarettes?

That depends entirely on how much you vape. In our personal and business experience, the cost savings is typically around half. For a regular smoker who spends $200+ per month on cigarettes, they may spend $80-$100 per month on e-liquid. Though this may vary per person, the true savings will be in your physical health! And that is something you will notice right from day one of making the switch.

What are Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigs, e-cigarettes or personal vapor devices) are battery operated electronic devices that turn a mixture of liquid nicotine, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin into a vapor that can be inhaled – with the purpose of mimicking the feeling and “throat hit” sensation of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette. The history of electronic cigarettes can be traced back 1963, when Herbert A. Gilbert patented the initial concept. It was then re-imagined and re-introduced to the modern market by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Illegal in Canada?

No – electronic cigarettes are not illegal in Canada. In 2009, Health Canada issued an advisory to the general public that advises Canadians to not purchase, use, or sell electronic cigarette devices as they have yet to be fully evaluated for safety, quality, and efficacy by Health Canada. To date no electronic cigarette companies have been approved for “Market Authorization” however Health Canada allows them to be sold in pharmacies and gas stations with health claims. This also happens to be where they are most accessible to children and youth – smart.

Due to the lack of interest by Health Canada to conduct the required research and testing, the Electronic Cigarette Trade Association of Canada was formed in 2011 to develop a framework and safety standards for electronic cigarettes based on existing Canadian laws. Please visit the ECTA website under “What’s Happening Now” to read the latest regulatory news.