Our Story

This is our smokers story…

As a couple, we would always attribute the smoking to being artists and creatives. Both of us are the children of fathers who were musicians, so growing up in recording studios and hanging out in smoke-filled band practices was always the norm. Smoking and drinking have always gone hand in hand with our artistic lifestyles, so up until recently it was never something we spent too much time thinking about.

But as time passed, the habit and lifestyle started to show clear signs of it’s wear and tear on our bodies. As much as we both loved the outdoors and being active, it was becoming increasingly difficult to complete the simplest recreational activities without hacking up a lung. We made a few noble efforts to stop cold turkey, but could never make it past that 2 or 3 week check point without finding a reason to cheat.

This is when we discovered electronic cigarettes.

I spent several months researching the technology and ingredients used in e-liquid, and the more I dug into this fairly new community that was growing, the more success stories I started discovering. People who were smoking 2 packs a day for 30+ years were making the switch to e-cigarettes with very little effort. They were reporting improved health, and a significant cost savings compared to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

After much debate, I sat down and shared my findings with her. I made her a promise that if I purchased a couple electronic cigarette starter kits for us, that I would stop buying cigarettes. We agreed that if we stopped buying cigarettes it would be the first win of many to come, and if vaping was something we enjoyed, that we would stick with it.

It’s been almost 2 years since we’ve bought a pack of smokes and we’re no longer poisoning ourselves on a daily basis with thousands of carcinogens and cancer-causing chemicals. Vaping has literally changed our lives, individually and as a couple. Everywhere we go nowadays, people are asking about our electronic cigarettes. They are starting to see them more and more, and want to know how they can stop smoking and start vaping.

We want Vape Nation to ultimately become a household name for¬†Canadian smokers who want to break free of tobacco cigarettes and join the nation of vapers! If you have any questions, we’d love to hear them. Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We’re always up for making new friends.

See you on the other side!